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Montreal, Monday January 24th 2000

This morning around 10:00 AM in West Montreal, Allan Rock, Minister of Health received his just desserts from Agent SíPie of Les Entartistes (The Pie-Oneers) in the form of a sweet lemon merengue pie. This was another gesture to denounce our governmentís position on GE foods as they attend the Biosecurity Protocol Conference being held this week .

We are being force fed GE foods with the consent of the Minister of Health, so we decided to force-feed him with the finest of pies. Rock could not tell whether the pie was made with transgenic ingredients, that is precisely the problem with GE Foods. We never know. But donít worry, the Minister of Health has approved all of this.

Minister Rock seems very concerned about peopleís health in the arena of tobacco (the first transgenic plant) and is planning a strong labelling regime. However, Rock allows GE foods to be sold without any long term testing for human health or environmental safety. Our tax dollars are used to subsidize the genetic engineering industry, and the public are used as lab rats. Over 200 of Health Canadaís own scientists said that there were inadequate resources to properly evaluate the safety of GE foods.

Industry and government are promoting ìvoluntary labeling,î and though this option has been open to companies for years, they have not chosen to label products in North America. Would tobacco companies put diseased lungs on their packages if it was only voluntary?

Last year Robert Shapiro (Monsanto CEO), last friday Joyce Groote (President of BIOTECanada and of the Global Biotechnolgy Industry Coalition), today Allan Rock, tomorrow who knows? We hope that all of the delegates enjoy the week as they decide our fate behind closed doors.

Pie High!

The Pie is the Limit!
Que Qui Peut Puisse!