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 LAST UPDATED : July 9, 2003  

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Official press release


Monday morning, in the beautiful (yet corporate headquarter ridden) city of Calgary, Alberta’s premier was busy flipping flapjacks and beef sausages (because he can’t sell them to his friends in the USA anymore) when a team of dedicated pie-throwers delivered him the long awaited dessert that he deserved: a succulent banana-cream pie, that Ralph Klein himself qualified as “good tasting”, unlike his politics (which leave a bad taste too often in many people’s mouths).

Obviously, the Banana-Cream three, who were from Calgary, did not include a married gay couple. Ralph would not permit that in his province, even though the rest of Canada’s governments will stop harassing gay citizens and finally treat same-sex couples equally by letting them marry. They find it utterly funny that Mister Klein would try to give the pie-throwers lessons in democracy. They suggest he opens a dictionary, looks up the word “plutocracy”, and then tells them how much it costs to become Premier of a province like Alberta.

Is it surprising to see Ralph Klein opposing the Kyoto Accord for the right of big corporations to pollute, the same corporations that finance his campaigns? Talk about democracy in action! He even threatened to separate from Canada for his friends’ right to pollute. Even if you do separate, Mister Klein, your pollution will not stay over Alberta, and all the provinces are concerned. This pie will not fill the hole in the ozone layer, but it feels good to our environment, because, for once, the joke is not at our expense.

Remember when King Ralph went in a homeless shelter on a winter night, completely drunk, to yell at the people there and throw money in their faces before leaving in a rage? Afterwards, he confessed he had an alcohol problem; the three were happy to hear it, because, for a while, they thought he had a problem with the poor… The stampede breakfast marked the first time that Ralph Klein’s face was red in public and it was not due to drinking. They hope that the pie may have finally cured him.

Pie High!

P.S. Now, Mister Klein does not only have the threat of separation in common with Quebec, both provinces have pied their Premier. There are only 8 more to go!

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