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HOUR 11 Juin 1998


Days after former top and front running mayoralty candidate Jacques Duchesneau was publicly cream-pied, two "polite" officers from the SQ called on François Gourd, mouthpiece for les Entartistes, the local wing of the Internationale Anarcho-Pâtissière founded by Belgian entarteur Noel Godin.

The SQ spooks advised Gourd and his merry band of pranksters to "think twice" about carrying out future pie hits on prominent Québec politicians Lucien Bouchard, uber alles. A few days later, says Gourd, two "very, very polite" RCMP officers showed up with a similar message about federal politicians.

"Both the SQ and the RCMP told me it was their duty to prevent us from throwing pies," recalled Gourd. "And I told them both it was our duty to throw pies"

Despite the ominous undertones, Gourd thinks such dialogue between Les Entartistes and the police is a good thing.

"I saw a lot of police hostility during the SalAMI demonstrations ," he said. "That`s not good; it`s not healthy for the police and no fun for demonstrators. We want more peaceful demonstrations, funny ones."

Police concerns that a future pie thrower could be injured (or worse) by a robot cop bodyguard mistaking a cream-pie attack for something more sinister are very much appreciated by the pie man.

"I suggested that they assign security people to protect us from their security from their security people," recounted Gourd.

To that end, they returned the courtesy call Wednesday, showing up firts at SQ HQ, later at RCMP HQ, bearing cream-pie "gifts" for their new police friends.

"We want to collaborate with them ," explained Gourd. "It`s important that they got to know the difference between a cream pie and a gun."

To help foster police-community relations, Les Entartistes volunteered to conduct cream-pie workshops and seminars for law-enforcement agencies they may encounter in their pie campaign.

Les Entartistes also told Hour that Reform Party leader Preston Manning has been "unanimously" selected as their next target.


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